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CIPERPY is a concentrated insecticide in water microemulsion, which is characterised by a fast killing and flushing out action to control flying and crawling insects.

CIPERPY is indicated to disinfest community places (such as urban areas, offices, canteens, hotels, restaurants, theatres, kitchens, camping, tourist resorts, public buildings, such as hospitals, schools, clinics, and barracks), housing areas (such as flats, houses, kitchens, roofs, garages, avenues, gardens, and green areas in general), production areas, food industries (without direct contact with food), cheese factories, dairies, maturing warehouses, pork salted meat storage areas, mills, silos, slaughterhouses, tobacco mills, warehouses and premises destined to cigarette production and tobacco storage, means of transport (undergrounds, buses, trucks, ship holds, railway carriages, means for the transport of people, animals or goods), composting plants, landfills, purifying plants, sewers, and manholes.


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