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Shake before use – Keep in a place that cannot be reached by children and far from food and drinks – Avoid contact with eyes and skin – In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not disperse the container to the environment after use – Do not sell it in bulk.

This deterrent is a product especially elaborated to perform a direct but innocuous action on dogs, cats and birds (pigeons) by discouraging them to frequent and foul places and areas that you want to protect such as: carpets, floors, car tyres, perimetrical walls, etc. Its innovative formulation contains essences of natural origin that give a higher persistence particularly unpleasant to the sense of smell of these animals, but not to human beings, which allows moving them away even from the places that they have previously fouled. It is ready for use. It can be easily spread thanks to its practical sprayer.

MODES OF USE: Clean the area to be treated from any residues left by pets; shake before use; spray the product from a distance of about 20 cm by forming a light veil on the surfaces that you want to protect; on porous or absorbent surfaces, we recommend to make a small preliminary test in order to be sure that on the same the product does not leave stains or rims; repeat the operation when the effect of the product decreases, but insist on the same areas so that the animal loses its “bad” habit.

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