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Pyrethrum characteristics allow the use of SPEEDY-PY for non-residual treatments of outdoor and indoor environments, in particular where an immediate effect is required and a high persistence of action is not wished, such as community places (urban areas, offices, canteens, hotels, restaurants, theatres, kitchens, camping, tourist resorts, public buildings including hospitals, schools, clinics, and barracks), housing areas (flats, houses, kitchens, canopies, garages, avenues, gardens, and green areas in general), production areas (food industry plants (in the absence of direct contact with food), cheese factories, dairies, aging storehouses, pork salted meat depots, mills, silos, slaughterhouses, tobacco mills, warehouses, and premises destined to the production of cigarettes and tobacco storage), zootechnical areas (animal farms, animal sheds, stables, kennels, and riding schools), means of transport (undergrounds, buses, trucks, ship holds, railway carriages, and means of transport for persons, animals, or goods), composting plants, landfills, purifiers, sewers, manholes, and open areas to obtain a fast reduction in annoying insects.


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